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The word technology is defined as the practical application of knowledge. Slabe Machines secret to delivering on-time, low-cost, and complex components is to fill a shop with a wide variety of technologically advanced machine tools and ensure that they are efficiently put to use by a team that embraces a wide variety of lean techniques. Adhering to this strategy for the past 80 years has resulted in us becoming world class manufacturer able to offer everything from design and prototyping to full scale production, all at low costs.

We are a global low-cost supplier of microscopic up to 15 inch (384mm) sub assemblies, metallic and composite parts having tolerances to +/- .00005  

Family owned since 1939 / 300 precision machines / 125 dedicated employees / ISO 9001:2008 and AS 9100-C certified

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Multi Axis Machining

Multi Axis machining is a preferable option for many complex parts and is achievable inside a horizontal lathe, vertical or horizontal machining center or Swiss machine towards the end of making a part complete in one workholding.

Super Precision Machining

Multiple Spindle and Gang Tool machining are the methods most commonly chosen for certain high volume parts  and/or tolerance requirements. Secondary machining such as roll threading, grinding and honing are also sometimes necessary. 

Abrasive Machining

Abrasive waterjet, five axis grinding and internal and external grinding allow us to generate and regrind our own tools, waterjet parts from both plates and individual workpieces and finish grind all parts from both soft and hardened workpieces to less than .0001 tolerances. 



Power Generation